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  • Create Connects – Arts and Culture webinar series

    This series is aimed to engage with artists and organisations in new thinking around the delivery of artistic programs, exhibitions, performances, content and critical discourse. The series will demystify digital platforms and to explore alternative opportunities for monetising content in this challenging new environment.
  • Finding new audiences online

    Moving to digital programming is shaking many bricks-and-mortar arts organisations to their foundations, and this change can offer an important opportunity to connect with existing audiences and as well as opening up new audiences. Without the physical restrictions of time and space, these audiences can be international as well as local. But how do we target and find those audiences who want to hear from us on new channels?
  • Running Free: Budgeting 101

    No great screen project can be made without considering costs. But what’s more important: the budget or the killer idea?
  • Setting Up A GLAM Workbench In Your Library

    You’ve shared your digital collection data, but now what? How can you introduce people to the possibilities for research or creativity? How can you help them develop the digital skills to make use of your data?
  • Creative connections

    Creative Connections is an online webinar series for the cultural and arts sectors and will offer practical, accessible and useful content delivered by industry experts on key topics and emerging themes.
  • Running Free: What You Need to Know to Be a Videographer

    Does making content in this era of social distancing mean doing everything yourself? If so, how do you do it all?
  • Museums at Home: Engaging Audiences Online

    Join AMaGA and a panel of professionals, for a webinar on how to educate, engage and inspire audiences online whilst the doors are closed – and beyond. This webinar will bring together the museum and cultural sector to provide practical advice and support, as well as share examples of projects and initiatives that can be easily implemented.
  • Post Covid-19 strategy and response for culture

    Free for GLAM, culture, & civil society professionals and leaders. Sign up for free peer-to-peer roundtables, strategy discussions, Ignite talks (!!) — and/or to help facilitate, organize, or lead.
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